We come with the motive to serve millions of overseas settlers who face many hurdles on daily basis. Their sacrifices of staying away from families must be acknowledged and for that, we are providing a smooth platform for any financial transaction. Our focus is to transform the monopoly in the industry and serve ex-pats with highly competitive customer-oriented services.

And to achieve the mission our hardworking team is united to ensure the credibility of the promise of sending money at any time and anywhere according to the customer’s desire.

Remit choice working hard to deliver the promise of extraordinary services and adopting only those strategies which are rightly according to the preferences of customers. The inside-outside culture of the company is stick with facilitating customers and enhancement of the services as and when required with latest updates. We believe our customer oriented services are beneficial for ex-pats and will improve the living standards of overseas and their loved-ones across the globe.


Our vision is to become the first choice of people for sending money across the globe with an unwavering commitment to serve back communities

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