Q. What is Ghana Music Awards UK?

A. The Ghana music awards UK is largely a people’s choice awards scheme that seeks to foster/and expand the development of the Ghanaian music industry both home and abroad into an international market for global recognition of Ghanaian creative works. The scheme is established to create an open market for collaboration, sales, new music trends, cultural exchanges, marketing opportunities and several benefits to be accessed by Ghanaian musicians in the United Kingdom.

Q. Why have the event in London?

A. London has a culture that concern music, museums and festivals. London got best weather top celebrities and some of the best dining, partying and shopping experiences in the United Kingdom. The city is home to many nationalities and the diversity of cultures have shaped the city’s culture over time.

Q. Do I have to buy ticket before I can come to the GMAUK night?

A. Yes you need to have ticket before you enter the venue

Q. Where can I buy my ticket?

A. Advanced ticket can be bought from www.gmauk.co.uk/ticket. You can as well buy your ticket at the gate but that will take much of your time.

Q. Can I have refund if I change my mind not to go to the event after I bought my ticket?

A. No, ticket bought is not refundable

Q. How can I get updates or any changes to the event?

A. Keeping checking this website, our app, sign up for our Newsletter, friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for any changes or update to the event.

Q.Is GMAUK age-restricted event?

A. GMAUK is for the people of all ages and welcome youth to the event. However you have to be 21 of age before you can buy any alcoholic drink during the event.

Q. How do I come to the event if I am outside or I don’t live in UK ?

A. You have to be in UK to participate in the event.

Q. What airport should I fly into?

A. We advise that you fly into any airport in London.

Q. Do ticket packages come with hotel accommodations?

A. No, ticket and VIP packages do not include hotel accommodations. However you can get lowest rate from some of our partner hotels.

Q. How can I travel from my hotel to the GMAUK event venue?

A. There are various options depending on your location. The venue is accessible via public transportation, including frequent service by Metro Rail trains and Metro buses. If you rent a car, GMAUK venue has ample parking space free of charge.. Taxi cabs and Uber are also another great transportation options.

Q. Is the GMAUK venue accessible for people with disabilities ?

A. Yes GMAUK venue is fully accessible for people with disabilities

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