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About us

ICFOS ENTERPRISE LIMITED is an Import, Export, Clearing & Forwarding company based in West Africa, Ghana. It’s situated in Tema; it has been a reliable brand giving clients the best in Freight Forwarding Logistics services rendered by the company.

Our staffs are equipped logistics professionals and master agents which aid shippers and carriers move freight efficiently. Thanks to expert service, massive capacity, fast-paced innovation, customer satisfactory being our main focus, we always make sure shipments are delivered both locally & internationally

We also assist in our customs brokerage (import, export, deconsolidation, customs clearance documentation, freight operations management, tracking, collection of freight and demurrages). ICFOS ENTERPRISE LIMITED is one of Ghana’s reliable & trusted brand dominating the Import & Export market.

Our Services – Local Importing, Global Exporting, Clearing & Forwarding

Local Importing Logistics – Giving you an advanced customer care, expert knowledge, and a deep understanding in international cargo import and export transportation logistics. All purchased goods & services from other countries, often via shipment, freight aircraft are in good hands with us.

Global Export Logistics – We have seasoned logistics specialists ready to support all of your company’s freight transportation needs. Our fully equipped team will guide you with personal service and walk you step-by-step through the entire shipping process. Providing critical information and the advice you need to guide you through regulations and documentation successfully. Our international freight agents offering export freight forwarding and logistics services that you can count on for reliable and innovative solutions to get your goods to nearly any destination worldwide.

Clearing and Forwarding – A team of experts in shipping documents for importing & exporting cargo through customs control and port procedures for all necessary approvals by relevant authorities which includes arrangement of physical delivery of cargo to the receiver or ship master;


Mission – Creating a long working relationship through solving problems & building a strong working environment with our clients. To maximize local & global operations of our clients, helping in increasing their yearly revenue.

Vision – Providing the most efficient & innovative freight forwarding logistics, offering clients a complete portfolio for their supply chain solutions.


Always seeking to provide the best quality in our services while remaining professional, stable, and sustainable

Client Satisfaction

Exceeding client’s expectation and always focusing on our client’s satisfaction

We Are Known For

. Delivering adequate results and exceeding customer’s expectation

. Evolving through creativity & innovation

. Identifying new opportunities through research

Our Staff



Mr Isaac Nunoo – Chief Executive Officer

Nick Abeku Cosbys- Head of Operations

Sophia Setufe- Head ICUMS System

Samuel Gbesorgbor- Administrator

Anita Dodoo – Field Clerk

Stephen Donkor – Field Clerk

Benjamin deGraft- Johnson – Field Clerk.

Contact us

Office & Mailing Address


Tema, Greater Accra – Ghana

Email – icfosenterpriselimited@gmail.com

Phone – +233 24 535 7247, +233 50 763 4064

Facebook – icfosenterpriselimited

Instagram – icfosenterpriselimited

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