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Conbal Logistics is one of the fast-rising transport and logistics company in Ghana with Unmatched expertise. Since its year of establishment, it has invested in quality logistics and business team members with the passion for excellence, to develop and encourage growth that assures innovative skill and experience in the field. At CONBAL logistics, we bridge the gap between suppliers and customers

Do you need to hire an exceptional road transport service?

The transport of exceptional goods/loads by road is a service that requires unique excellent logistical coordination and exceptional care in the transfer.

The movement of this type of cargo requires a specialized company that has the resources and can guarantee the service. In addition, you will need to have the specific permits to carry out the transport.

At Conbal Logistics you will find equipped professionals with a long year of experience in this type of service, thus guaranteeing the safety of goods and a success of all operations

Our Freight Services

In the road transport service, we carry out operations for specific of goods, both for companies and for the end customer.

  • Transport of liquids in tanks – An environmentally-friendly solution for the transportation of bulk non-hazardous liquids. We provide a network of staff and equipment for fast, protected and certified transport procedures for liquids in tanks.
  • Transport of bulk goods – In the past years, CONBAL Logistics customers have been benefiting from organizational services supporting bulk cargo transportation with specialized vehicles.
  • Express service for urgent shipments – We offer express transport service for whenever you have urgent shipping requests that simply cannot wait. our express transport service is here to overcome all of your last-minute challenges
  • Crane Services – At Conbal logistics, we offer crane services to cater for all kinds of construction projects. When it comes to a crane rental service, Conbal Logistics has you sorted. We offer the latest cranes with all the essential parts to lift heavy equipment




To provide our customers with outstanding logistics services, facilitating their success and furthering trade and development in the whole region. To provide safe, reliable, continuous, and cost-effective service through a strong support team of logistic associates dedicated to our customer’s needs and committed to excellence.


Our aim is to act as an indispensable partner to our clients by helping them build and maximize sustainable competitive advantages.  To assure our clients of integrity and respect driven interaction which are the fundamental principles of our business.


Team work




We Are Known For

. Identifying new opportunities through research

. Delivering adequate results and exceeding customer’s expectation

. Evolving through creativity & innovation


Mr. David Ayitey Yeboah – Chief Executive Officer



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Office & Mailing Address

P.O. Box 8375

Tema, Greater Accra – Ghana

+23 24 719 5320 – +233 50 000 0267

Facebook – Conbal Logistics

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