Ghanaian Artiste should learn to support each other- Emmelio Tetteh, GMA UK Co Founder

The co-founder CEO and Curator of Ghana Music Awards- UK, Emmelio Tetteh, has asked Ghanaian artistes to support each other to progress in the music and entertainment industry.

Speaking in an interview on TV3 New Day, the CEO indicated that some practices of Ghanaian musicians downplay the Ghanaian Entertainment industry. He counsels and encourages artistes to use social media to their advantage in developing their careers.

He stated that Nigerian artistes understand the game related to the music industry. And the support they render to one another is permanently accessible and mostly not in monetary terms.

“Nigerian artistes understand the game when it comes to music. Nigerian promoters don’t just care about the money. A Nigerian artiste could be doing a show, and his colleagues will just pay for his ticket and come to support and show appearance. They support each other,” he emphasised.

However, Emmelio clarified that he is not creating the perception that Ghanaian acts do not support one another, but the support should be colossal.

Speaking on the benefits of the award scheme to Ghanaian artistes, he explained that the performances on stage aids in developing their fanbase in London, which promotes through music streams across national boundaries.

He also added that artistes are granted media tours in London to give them exposure. Plus, the opportunity to interact with other international acts, which results in successful collaborations.

Unfortunately, he revealed that some artistes do not make good use of the networks they build up and end up losing these connections at some point.
The CEO stated that it takes effort, hard work and money to reap benefits embedded in the music industry.

“If you work hard and push money, that’s it.”

He mentioned that Hajia4reall deserved her win as the ‘Uncovered Artiste of the Year’ at the just ended award ceremony. He pointed out that the number of her songs and the quality of her music videos are an obvious tell of her hard work.

Emmelio revealed that 80 per cent of the votes from the public was in favour of the fast-rising singer. He advised budding artists to work hard, produce good music and stay true to their craft to make them thrive in the industry.|Ghana

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